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Mission Statement:To continually and strongly condemn and combat rape, while working to permanently end rape globally.

Hello and welcome to my social justice blog. My name is Manuel Balian and I created and dedicated this blog to relentlessly fighting and permanently ending rape globally. At minimum to this end, I invite everyone to be educated and informed; raise awareness, take the proper actions in your communities, and post articles and essays on this subject here on my blog.  It is our duty to fight to prevent rape from occurring and to fight back if it occurs.  Regardless of context all rape is evil, even in marriage, and a very serious crime – a state and federal felony.  It is our moral duty and right to relentlessly fight and permanently end it everywhere.  The proper response to rape is righteousness, and this entails changing our hearts and minds (world view) from being secular to being righteous, moral/ethical, virtuous, and just.

Fighting rape is directly fighting against evil, crime, injustice, and immorality, while directly fighting for the victims and their families, righteousness, justice, virtue, morality, and the moral law.  We must have a zero tolerance policy for rape.  

Additionally, I strongly believe we must always champion biblical righteousness throughout our lives and that this is our permanent primary moral duty. However, this championing clearly pits man against evil because this is the primary force we are always fighting against. From this it follows that we are fighting evil on two fronts one against evil itself, and the other against evil people who champion evil in whatever form.

Let me be very clear my position is – ALL rape is evil (even in marriage), and it is our moral duty to vigorously fight and permanently end it everywhere. Rape, even in marriage, is never acceptable and we must be vigilant, educated, and very strong in our ongoing efforts to fight and permanently end it globally. I strongly condemn the crime of rape and believe those guilty of it must be severely punished.

The word rape originates from the Latin rapere (raptum) (raptus) and has these meanings to sexually violate, to ravish, to violate, to snatch, to grab, to seize, to carry off by force, to abduct, or to plunder.  The act of rape is an egregious violation of the victim, moral and criminal law, morals/ethics, community standards, and justice.

It is shocking and repulsive to know that many people globally think rape is not morally wrong or bad. These people are unjust, disgraceful, and morally degenerate to say the lease. So who and where exactly are these people? The following list helps us understand who and where these people are, and if there are any common denominators.

The people who think rape is acceptable include

1 – the Hollywood or adult movie industry (rape porn is the promotion of rape fantasy)
2 – perverts like those who have a sexual desire for children – pedophiles
3 – judges who give light punishments for rape convictions
4 – psychopaths/sociopaths or backward (sick) thinking people
5 – those in evil cults, occults, or satanists
6 – those who commit rape may not think it’s morally wrong or bad either
7 – those in countries where rape laws are very weak or virtually unenforceable (Thailand, Turkey & Sudan) – Africa, North Africa, the Middle East or Muslim nations
8 – those in countries where child sex slavery/prostitution/trafficking is considered normal and widespread (Asia, Thailand, Turkey & Sudan)
9 – those who think rape in marriage is acceptable – as is the case in Islam at least more so than any other belief system

Obviously, all of these people lack a strong anti-rape moral/ethical framework, and their moral compass is not working. Many countries lack a strong ethical/moral and just value system, thus do not consider rape to be a social problem. In fact, prosecuting rape crimes is almost impossible in Muslim nations for many reasons including the severely flawed Islamic justice system that requires multiple eye witnesses to the criminal act itself.

In America the vast majority of people who think rape is acceptable are Muslims and the politically liberal who support liberal leaders and policies. It is true the vast majority of these people vote democrat and not by accident. Here are just two of many examples. First consider state judges who give light punishments for rape convictions almost all of them are liberal and receive huge support from many liberals and liberal groups. Second every election cycle the political left in America receives hundreds of millions of dollars from Hollywood and the adult film industry, while conservatives get nothing and not by accident. The conclusion is liberals are soft on rape and constantly enable it by voting for people who are soft on rape as well.

Creating and constantly reinforcing the right social values, attitudes, and mores is very important and necessary for society when combating rape. It is necessary for people to unite, work towards, and bring about this movement. We must change the hearts and minds of people who think rape is acceptable, even if to a small degree, to believing that rape is never acceptable at all. This proper positive orientation in people should be clearly seen at all levels throughout society including in the arts and entertainment, social media, the justice system and governments, our homes and schools, in the work place, and even online.

Think about the stop smoking campaigns and how many people stopped smoking in-part because of the no public smoking laws banning smoking in public places like restaurants and at work. America totally changed its attitude and its thinking about smoking from who cares it’s your choice to, it’s a very bad harmful negative, hence many people stopped as a result. The same logic is applicable here. Please use all prudent, political, practical, ethical/moral, and lawful means in combating rape.

We all know the famous saying (I’m paraphrasing) – all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. This is very applicable for us today, and for fighting and stopping rape. Think about it if we just do nothing more rapes will occur, more families and people will be destroyed, and our society and nation will regress not progress.

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