One thing is very clear fighting and ending rape globally is going to take a huge global effort and we must unite and work together as a team to accomplish this.  Team building is vital and involves both grass roots and national efforts.  It is imperative for people everywhere to unite and take prudent and practical steps in our constant fight to end rape globally.  This is the same logic used in fighting terrorism.

These are some of the prudent and practical steps we can take to prevent and fight rape.

1 – create a public service announcement (PSA) calling on people to stop rape, adopt better values, ethics, attitudes, and to be responsible and seek help – this can be done with famous personalities, athletes, entertainers, musicians, public leaders/CEOs, and movie stars
2 – lobby local and state leaders to re-institute the death penalty in states that currently do not have it or to implement much stronger legal penalties for rape and sexual crimes – No time off for good behavior for rape and sexual crime convictions
3 – vote for and support political parties and candidates that support stronger penalties for rape and sexual crimes – No time off for good behavior for rape and sexual crime convictions  
4 – lobby local and state leaders to change state laws so that the state is now require to provide therapy and rehabilitation programs to convicted rapists during their incarceration
5 – create new or support and promote existing anti-rape public awareness campaigns along with social justice and healing ministries especially in poor countries
6 – create, promote, and teach anti-rape public awareness campaigns that include the proper values, attitudes, behaviors, social norms, and ethics/morality, in local communities and schools globally – change the hearts and minds of people so they will think rape is totally unacceptable and will work to end it
7 – hold all judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and publicly elected officials accountable when they fail at their jobs when dealing with rape cases
8 – work with and support all law enforcement agencies and all local and state prosecutors
9 – develop, teach, and foster the proper anti-rape moral and ethical standards, values, attitudes, understandings, social norms, and behaviors
10 – work with and support international and cross cultural agencies and organizations to promote anti-rape campaigns and curriculums globally and more so in poor counties
11 – start, work with, or support local and international churches and faith based ministries that meet the needs of rape victims
12 – start, work with, or support a healing and social justice ministry for rape victims – for        example
13 – start and teach rape prevention training classes
14 – be with or travel in small groups – never alone

If you have any good ideas or recommendations not covered here that you want to post on this blog please email them to me for review.