Fight Back

When combating or dealing with rape the main idea is to always vigorously FIGHT BACK and never surrender!!!  Always remember – fighting rape is directly fighting against evil, crime, injustice, and immorality, while directly fighting for the victims and their families, righteousness, justice, virtue, morality, and the moral law.  We must have a zero tolerance policy for rape.

You must give yourself an opportunity at defeating the attacker(s) and this means you must pursue the matter until the guilty enter prison. This will not be easy or brief, but it is necessary if you want to turn a gross negative into a shining positive. What the attacker(s) do in the name of evil, you must do in the name of good (righteousness).

I want to encourage everyone to forcefully fight back against your attacker(s). Fighting back is very important because at minimum it
1 – gives you a chance at defeating your attackers
2 – gives you an opportunity at preventing the rape
3 – gives you an opportunity at pursuing and getting justice
4 – can prevent future rapes
5 – can help in the healing process and bring closure as well
6 – can help others cope with this struggle as well
7 – can lead to making the community much safer
8 – can lead to solving other crimes

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