Rape Prevention

If you have any good ideas or advise on how to prevent or deal with rape and would like to post them here on my blog please email them to me so I can review them.

Always remember that if you don’t know someone really well, then you don’t know what’s going on in their heart or mind, thus always be vigilant!!  Unfortunately, if you are a victim immediately report the crime to police, and begin the grieving and healing process. Remember you have a network of family, friends, clergy, and law enforcement personnel that can help you cope and fight back to ensure justice, and to prevent future rapes. It is very important, for many reasons, that the perpetrator is caught and justice be served, and you must have an active hand in this process. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. Moreover, moving forward you must heal from and constantly elevate your life to higher highs.

The following information can help you prevent becoming a rape victim.

Do Not
1 – be drunk or under the influence of drugs
2 – wear sexually suggestive or revealing clothing
3 – panic
4 – surrender
5 – go into dark or secluded areas – avoid high risk situations

1 – pay attention/be aware of your surroundings
2 – be vigilant
3 – have a whistle, pepper spray, or mace with you
4 – defend yourself – vigorously resist the attacker – attack the attacker!!
5 – think about and practice what you would do if someone were to attack you
6 – be with a trusted friend if possible
7 – stay in well-lighted areas/avoid dark and unsafe areas
8 – flee to a safe place if attacked – somewhere with people or a public area
9 – avoid unsafe people – people who could be tempted to assault you
10 – take self defense classes

If you are raped you should do the following

1 – immediately report it to the police (dial 911) and be cooperative
2 – immediately make a video or audio recording or write down as many of the details/facts as possible – attackers identity, physical features (gender, race, sex, height, tattoos, scars, hair/eye color), appearance (dress of perpetrator, jewelry, cell phone), and location/surroundings
3 – preserve all forensic physical evidence – body fluids, hair, blood, skin under finger nails, do NOT shower or wash your hands
4 – reach out to trusted family, friends, clergy, and begin to heal/cope
5 – do not disturb (preserve) the crime scene
6 – pray, remain hopeful, and determined, keep a positive attitude and stay focused on improving your life daily – pray for protection
7 – talk to a rape victim counselor
8 – if needed get medical treatment – go to a hospital
9 – pray, contemplate, create, and implement the proper response to this injustice – including a comprehensive action plan to bring healing/closure and prevent future attacks

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